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Setting default preferences for Time

Click Tools | Options to set preferences that control the look and operation of the Time program.

The left tab is the General tab. It is the place to set general default preferences for the program. The following are the options that can be changed on the General tab.

Option Description
Enter key advances to the next field in dialogs If selected, the Enter key functions as a TAB key would while in Time dialog boxes.
Number of recently used files Set the number of files to list. Time can display up to a maximum of 10 recently opened files.
Table Appearance Set the visual appearance of browse windows in Time including the Cash Receipts and Account Reconciliation windows.
Table List Field Style Options selected here control the contents of fields for all browse windows including the Time and Expense Entry windows and the work and billing code setups. Select to show contents as full descriptions, abbreviations or entry codes.
Show Colors Display and print automatic documents with the colors assigned to sections of the documents in the Font Settings dialog.

The second tab is the Default Paths tab. Use this command to specify default directories for opening files.

Option Description
Company File Path Configure the default file path to the directory where the company file is located (e.g. C:\Program Files\Time\Data\CWTWIN). The default directory appears when opening files.
Website URL Change the default URL from the CaseWare website to a website of your own choosing by entering the URL in the box provided. When clicking Website on the Help menu, the specified website will open.

The right-most tab is the Status Bar tab. Use it to specify the items that you want to display on the Status Bar at the bottom of the Time window.