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Import Overview

You can import client information from another time and billing package into CaseWare Time. Two file formats, ASCII and Excel, are supported with the import function in Time. Use the import wizard to transfer the following components into Time:

  • Work Codes
  • Staff list
  • Groups/Client lists
  • Contacts
  • New!Contact Companies
  • Receivables Opening Balances
  • WIP Opening Balances OR WIP details (we recommend you import only one of these components)

Typically, if you are working from a software package you can export your data and save it to an ASCII file (.txt, .csv, .rtf) or Excel file (.xls, .xlsx). Each of the import components must be saved to separate files (for example, one file for work codes and another file for staff list). Because each component is saved to its own file, they must be imported into Time individually and performing the imports in a specific order can enable you to leverage data already added to the Time file; this can save considerable time during set up.

It is advantageous to import these components in the following order (other components can be imported in any order):

  1. Work Codes, then
  2. Staff list, then
  3. Client / Group lists,

Importing in this order enables you to leverage data that was previously imported in the next import. For example:

  • During staff list import, you can map the appropriate work codes to each staff member. If there is no work code information to leverage, then default work codes are entered. You must then manually apply the appropriate work codes to each staff member after the import.
  • During client list import, you can map the appropriate Partner or Manager to each client. If there is no staff information to leverage, then no Partner or Manager is assigned to the client and must be manually assigned for each imported client after the import.
  • If you do not have an import file for work codes, they must be entered into Time manually. See Entering Time and Expense Codes for more information.
  • You cannot import inactive work codes. All work codes included in an import will be created in Active status.

Additionally, import these components in the following order:

  1. Contact Companies and Client / Group lists, then
  2. Contacts.

During the contacts import, you can map the appropriate contact companies and clients / groups to each contact.

Preparing for an import

Prior to importing, ensure to read the following topics:

Using the Import Wizard

After you prepare the import file, data and setup your Time file, proceed to importing your file using the Import Wizard. See the topic "Import Wizard Overview" for more details.

After the import

  • If there are any errors during the import, a message prompts you to view the import log. Continue to this log to view any errors. Additionally, this log file is stored in the same data folder where your Time file is located (C:/Program Files/CaseWare Time/Data_File/ImportLog/). Correct any errors and perform the import again.
  • If your import was successful, check the Time file to ensure the integrity of your data. You can view your data from the Setup menu in Time or applicable reports.