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New!CaseWare Cloud

CaseWare Cloud Integration Guide

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  • You can now integrate your Time environment with CaseWare Cloud to leverage new features and functionality available with our cloud-based applications: CaseWare Collaborate and Time. This solution requires minimal set-up and eliminates the need to set-up, configure and maintain your own servers at the office.

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  • When Cloud integration is enabled with Time, an indicator appears on the status bar to show the current connection status with Cloud.

  • In a Cloud integrated Time environment, you can work Online or Offline in the file. When working Online, the Time file is connected to the Cloud database and synchronizing all data between the systems; users on Time desktop and Cloud are receiving and sending all updates made in the file. When working Offline, there is no connection set up and any updates to the file are queued until the next time you go Online.

  • When you enable Cloud Integration with Time, the following areas are actively merged between CaseWare Time and CaseWare Cloud. Ensure you are working Online to maintain data consistency between both products.

  • When setting up Time Integration with CaseWare Cloud, a wizard dialog is available to help you run through the integration process.

  • When Time is integrated with CaseWare Cloud, data from several areas of the program are synchronized between both systems. When performing operations such as Create, Edit, or Delete, only some areas of the program can be performed from both programs; other operations can only be performed from Time.