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Setting up terminology to use throughout Time

The first tab in the Company Profile allows users to specify their own terms for Province, State, SIC, Office, Department, Project, Subproject, "In charge" person, Team Leader, Contract, Primary and Secondary Tax, SIN/SSN, Receivables, Work in Process, Partner or Manager. These changes are reflected in the whole application -- in menu commands, dialog boxes, messages, and reports.

  • Client Batch Print
  • Office browse
  • Department browse
  • Staff Setup
  • Clients Setup
  • Project Setup
  • Subproject Setup
  • Diagnostics; and
  • other tabs of the Company Profile

Only fields get renamed. The dialog box titles themselves are static and keep the default terminology set during manufacture of this software.

Being able to define terms gives the flexibility to work and generate reports in languages or countries other than the default set by your distributor.

Click File | Company Profile and then the Terminology tab. Edit the default terms as applicable.

Glossary of default terms