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PDF documents

If you are sending documents to clients, sending them in PDF format is a wise choice. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. A PDF file is a true copy of the document showing all the formatting and images. Viewers can zoom in to see fine details in graphics and small print.

Using this command you can convert to PDF any document on the Document Manager. Once converted, the PDFs can be sent by email as PDF attachments and opened by the client.

To view PDF files, the recipient does not have to have Time or CaseView installed to see the file. The recipient needs only the Adobe Reader program which is available as a free download from

Documents are converted to PDF by "printing" to a portable document format. "Convert to" and "Print to" are used interchangeably.

  1. Select a document. To select multiple documents, hold down the CTRL key while clicking.

    Note: Entire folders of documents may be printed by selecting the folder. If no selection is made, Time assumes that you want to convert every document on the Document Manager to PDF.

  2. Choose Document | Save as PDF.
  3. To include the PDF on the Document Manager, click the box Add to file and Document Manager.
  4. Click Browse and select a destination directory for the PDF file(s). The default is the My Documents folder.
  5. If you have selected to print an entire folder or the contents of the Document Manager to PDF, confirm or cancel your choice.
  6. When saving multiple documents, select the Merge PDF files check box if you wish to create a single PDF file containing all the documents.
  7. When the Merge pdf files check box is selected, you have the further option of including the document number within the bookmark in the PDF file. To do so, check the box Include Document Number in Bookmarks.
  8. If desired, use PDF Security Options to control who has access to the document(s) and who has the ability to change the permissions on the PDF(s).
  9. Click OK to process the document(s).

CaseView documents can also be saved in PDF format while in CaseView. Select File | Export to | Portable Document Format (PDF).

  • The new file does not become part of the Time file, although it can be added to the Time file by dragging and dropping it onto the Document Manager. See Creating Documents and File Folders for more information on adding documents to a Time file.
  • If applicable, an entire folder of documents can be saved as PDF all at once by selecting the folder and then selecting Document | Save as PDF.