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What's New - Time 2015

The following describes the features, enhancements, and fixes for CaseWare® Time 2015.

Company Profile

  • You can now set your default connection security for emails.

  • Fixed an issue with resetting Active Directory Authentication. It now resets all synced staff.


  • Digit grouping now changes based on the regional settings of the user.

CaseView Documents

  • Reinstated sorting by Group No. and Partner/Manager for the following reports:

    • Proposed Invoices
    • Billing Invoices
    • Miscellaneous Invoices
    • Credit Notes
  • Resolved an issue with filter validation.

  • Fixed an issue where modifying a copy of a CaseView letter would modify the original.

Equation Editor

  • Employee Email is now available in report filters.

SQL Servers

  • Added compatibility with Microsoft SQL 2014 and 2014 Express.

Recurring Invoices

  • The maximum allowed invoice ID and number were increased up to 7 characters.

Cloud Integration

  • Increased the project and subproject lookup list limit to show all items.

  • Creating and merging projects to CaseWare Cloud now takes less time.

  • Improved the stability and reduced the time for performing a year-end close while integrated with CaseWare Cloud.

  • The association between contacts and entities can now be merged between Time and Cloud.

  • Time and expense entries can now be billed when the staff member is inactive.

  • Edits to time and expense entries can now be merged when the client is suspended.