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The Time Workflow

Time guides you through your tasks using the Workflow layout. Only those items assigned to you appear in your Workflow, giving focus on what needs to be done. With the Workflow you can access program features, documents, and help with ease from the same screen.

The Workflow layout is divided into three windows. From left to right, they are

This is the list of documents assigned to you in the company file, laid out like Windows Explorer.

This window explains each step and provides quick links to the program areas and documents involved. It also gives links to more in-depth explanation in the Time documentation.

This window displays the steps in the Workflow that applies to you, in the order that they should be performed. Click each step to bring up details about it in the main window.

The workflow is assigned to each user through the Time protection groups. Based on the protection set up, the rights given each group and the user assigned to the protection group, the workflow is set.

To allow the Workflow to work according to user, protection must be used and the supervisor must follow the steps in the setup area to set up the company settings and the protection groups per user.

The Workflow is filtered based on the user protection group to which you belong. These protection groups have been set up by your supervisor. If you cannot access a needed area, contact your supervisor for additional rights.