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What's New - Time 2016.029

The following describes the features and fixes between versions 2016.018 and 2016.029.


CaseWare Cloud

  • Updated the End User License Agreement for CaseWare Cloud. Time users with Cloud integration must accept the new EULA terms before they can continue using integration functionality.

  • A notification now displays when attempting to add or import new Time staff in Cloud if there are insufficient licenses.

  • Users of Time (Desktop) without a valid Cloud license can now access the offline version of Cloud, rather than being restricted entirely. This enables users to continue working with offline copies of Cloud integrated files while they wait to renew their license.


Staff Rates

  • Improved the calculation speed for staff rates in Cloud integrated files. As a result, staff rates no longer recalculate automatically for existing WIP amounts. When required, you can manually recalculate staff rates by clicking Tools | Maintenance | Recalculate WIP.


  • Fixed an issue where the Time and Expense - All role was assigned to Cloud staff automatically. Administrators must assign the role manually to applicable users.

  • Fixed an issue where sections of the Company Profile would display the wrong information.

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to change the active period, perform a year end close, or move the year end date would result in an error.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from modifying transactions that were created by suspended clients.

  • Fixed an issue where sorting credits in the Cash Receipts Journal by Date would cause the total to calculate incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where the WIP balance was not including dated credit notes.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from modifying Groups in Cloud integrated files when offline.

  • Fixed an issue where users would not receive a prompt to log in to Cloud after an existing login session expired for any reason.

  • Fixed an issue where Cloud Diagnostics would incorrectly report errors in Cloud integrated time and expense entries.