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Setting up projects

Use this procedure to set up projects in Time.

  1. Activate the use of Projects from the Company Profile. For more information see Activating Projects.
  2. Set up project templates for your firm. Project templates are flexible models that enable you to define common project details. You can, for example, create templates based on firm services: auditing, consulting, review, tax and so on.

    Your template defines common project details as it relates to a firm service, rather than specific services provided to the client. Use the Project Management area under the Setup menu to define these details. For more information, see here. For an example of project templates, see here.

  3. Set up project types from the Project types dialog. For more information, see Setting up project types.
  4. To create client projects, assign the clients to the relevant project templates. A client can be assigned to multiple project templates, but cannot be assigned to the same template more than once. Use the Clients tab in the Project Management area to assign clients. For more information, see Customizing Client Projects and Subprojects.

    To set a default client project, see the topic Setting the default client project.

  5. Set up budget information by staff for this project as applicable. Use the Projects area under the menu Setup | Clients. For more information, see Budget by Staff.

After you have set up projects, both the Time and Expense and Billing from WIP areas now reference specific client projects. For more information, see projects information for the areas of Time and Expense and Billing from WIP.