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Using the Command toolbar

The Command toolbar performs functions such as opening or creating new files. Other features include options available while in a particular document or browse window.

Position your cursor over a button on the toolbar to view a "tool tip" explaining the function of the button.


Name Icon Description
New File

The New button will begin the process of creating a new Time file.
Open File The Open button will begin the process of opening a new Time file.
Print Sends the selected document to print.
Print Preview Previews the selected document.


Cuts your current selection to the clipboard
Copy Creates a Copy of your current selection to the clipboard.

Pastes your clipboard contents to the current highlighted location.

Note: If you have copied a document and are pasting it, the number of the document will not be the same

New Line Adds a line to your current browse window.
Delete Line Deletes your currently selected line from your browse window.
Item Properties This button will show you the properties of some times, but not the Document Properties.
Expand This button will open a highlighted document in the Document Manager
Fold When a browse window is "folded", the scrollable region is limited to any information to the RIGHT of the fold line. Click this icon to fold or unfold a browse window.