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Assigning areas

If you are using both office and departments in the company profile and have set up codes for both, then you need to assign the department to the office. When both are used, the department codes are dependent on the office. Thus, they need to be assigned before proceeding any further.

Once they are assigned, users can see the departments in the list for the staff, otherwise the department list appears empty. Multiple departments can be assigned to each office and departments can be assigned to more than one office.

When departments are activated without offices in the company profile, then department codes are listed in the staff dialog independently.

An assignment cannot be deleted or modified unless there are no entries or billings assigned to it.

To assign departments to office codes

  1. From the Setup menu, select Assign Areas.
  2. In the Office field select a valid office from the popup list.
  3. In the Department field select a valid department from the popup list.
  4. Enter a brief description to identify the assignment.
  5. If applicable, select the partner and/or manager responsible for the department.