Changing the year end date

It is possible to change the year end date in the middle of a financial year, if necessary, however the aging on your existing reports will be affected.

When a client moves the year end forward, e.g., from December 2009 to January 2010, the periods change in the Company Profile. Data for any dates that are excluded due to the change will still be in the file. In this example, January 2009 is no longer the period 1 in the Company Profile, but transactions dated in that month are saved in the file as needed.

When a client moves the year end backward, e.g., from January 2010 to December 2009, the period(s) between the new year end and the old year end are excluded from the Company Profile. Any entries in that date range are considered to be future transactions and they remain in the file.

To change the year end date, click File | Company Profile | Dates tab and select the new date.

Note: The year end date should bechanged in the Company Profile to the required date prior to the processing of the year end close in the file.