To enter customized codes for the Contacts

Alternate Codes are available for classifying miscellaneous contact information. Reports can be produced for contacts that match these alternate codes and/or dates. Each Alternate code must be set up by the user. The codes could be for, but not limited to, the type of return prepared, birthdays, or tax information.

  1. On the File menu, click Company Profile and then click the Contacts tab.
  2. An unlimited number of codes may be added. To add a new alternate code category, use the Contact Alternate Categories list for contact people, and Contact Company Alternate Categories list for contact companies:
    1. Scroll down to the first blank line.
    2. Enter a name and brief description for the code category.
  3. To add codes to a category or to modify a code
    1. Scroll to the line with the applicable code category.
    2. Click the images\extdesc_shg.gif button on that line. The Alternate Codes dialog appears.
    3. Click the first blank line and enter a code name. Codes can be up to ten characters in length and alphanumeric.
    4. Enter a brief description for the code. Longer descriptions can be added by clicking the images\extdesc_shg.gif button for the code and using the Memo Description dialog.
    5. Close the dialog(s) to return to the Company Profile.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as applicable.
  5. Close the Company Profile.

You can now assign these codes to applicable contacts. Categories and codes created for contact people are not applicable to contact companies, and categories and codes created for contact companies are not applicable to contact people.