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Time and Expense Entries Approval

This feature allows a designated staff member to approve time and expense entries before they are billed.

Staff members designated as "Approvers" have the ability to access relevant time and expense sheets and authorize them line-by-line. Once authorized, the entries will appear on the Billings from WIP dialog. The time and expense sheets will identify who authorized the transaction in the "Approved" column.

When the option is turned "on" in the Company Profile, ALL existing time and expense entries are given "sup" as the approver and "sup" appears as the approver in the above reports. Therefore, it is advisable to start this feature at the beginning of the month.

Once entries have been approved, it is not possible to change the rates at which they were charged.

The Time and expense journal detail report and the Time and expense monitor show approved and non-approved items. The Time and expense journal detail report show totals by approved and non-approved time and expenses at bottom. Entries approved after Time approval was turned on will have initials indicating who authorized them. If no initials appear, the entries are not approved.

File protection must be activated (Tools menu) and the "Using time and expense entries approval" box must be checked in the Company Profile.

If a user turns "OFF" the option after the option has been set "ON", the following message appears, "Turn off approval option Y/N?

Select "Y" to remove the Approver initials from all approved time and expense transactions.

Select "N" to leave the data untouched.

  • When checked the message "All previous time and expense transactions will be approved. Y/N" appears. If the user selects no, then approval is turned "OFF" and no time or expense is approved. This allows a user to change his/her mind and select this option later.

  • If Time and/or Expense Entries Approval is activated then the user can approve any entries. This works independently from the rights to modify either his own or all entries.