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Defining Period Dates

Specify the Year End Date and other period information to set up your firm dates for processing and reporting time and expense transactions.

Note: For Time users with Cloud Integration enabled, this operation can also be performed from CaseWare Cloud. See more...

 With Protection activated, you require the following right in the file

  • Company profile under the File category

If Cloud Integration is enabled,

  • You must be Online to perform this operation. When you are Offline, this operation is disabled.

  • Your account on Cloud must be assigned a role that grants Edit permission on the Firm object.
  1. Access the Company Profile dialog from the menu File | Company Profile.
  2. Click the Dates tab.

  3. Complete the Date Information section, selecting the:

    • Represents the fiscal year end date of the file.

    • Monthly, quarterly, random, or yearly periods are available.

    • Represents the current active period of the transactions and is set by default to 1.

    Click the Quick Reference link for more detailed descriptions to options and fields: >>Quick Reference

     Note: If Cloud Integration is enabled and you are working Online, then a merge is automatically performed with CaseWare Cloud immediately after this step.

  4. Click Close to finish.
  • If Cloud integration is enabled, you cannot move a period date forward unless all Time and Expense entries (with transaction dates prior to the start of the new period) have been submitted from CaseWare Cloud or have been deleted.