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Hiding or reordering columns in an automatic document

Once created, most automatic documents can be customized to show only those columns you wish display in the order in which you wish to display them.

  1. While in the automatic document, from the View menu, select Reorder Columns.
  2. In the Active Columns box, select the column(s) you want to move or hide. The Hidden Columns box lists any columns that will not display in the browse window. Do one of the following:
    • To move the column(s), drag the selection to the new location.
    • To hide the column(s), drag the selection to the Hidden Columns box.
  3. Click OK.

You can freeze column headings to preserve column heading context when scrolling through lengthy automatic documents. When a freeze option is enabled, those settings take effect on all subsequently opened automatic documents. This includes documents opened after the program has restarted.

Right-click on the document and select the Freeze option:

Select this option to un-freeze all types of column headers.

This option is selected by default. The column headers consist of all identifying labels for each column in the table.

Select this option to freeze the entire header. This includes both the Column Header and title information of the automatic document.


  • Single columns may be hidden quickly by right-clicking the column and selecting Hide <<column name>>.
  • If you make a mistake, right-click the document and select Default ordering to return to the original column order of the automatic document.
  • You can also return to the default layout by right-clicking the document and select Restore all. Hidden rows as well as hidden columns will be reshown on the document.

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