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Reconciling an Unapplied Cash Receipt or a Credit Note

  1. On the Process menu, click Account Reconciliation.
  2. In the Client number box, type or select the client for which you want to perform account reconciliation.
    A list of all unapplied cheques for the client appears.
  3. Select the date of the reconciliation. The date is set by default to the end of the current period as set in Company Profile but can be changed to a date within the current period or future period.
  4. Select the applicable receipt or credit note and then click Apply to Invoice.
    A list of all outstanding invoices displays.
  5. In the Type column, enter a "P" to apply the cheque to the full amount of the invoice or an "M" followed by an amount if applying the cheque to a specific portion of the invoice amount.
    Click the Help button for detailed information on completing this screen.