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Setting up the automatic numbering system

  1. From the File menu, select Company Profile | Billings tab.
  2. In the Numbering section, check the Automatic Invoice Numbering box.
  3. If applicable, enter the prefix,in the Invoice ID field. This prefix appears before the invoice number, can be one to four characters long and must be letters only. To have a numeric-only invoice number leave the Invoice ID box blank.
  4. Set the starting invoice's number by entering the desired number minus 1 in the Last invoice # field. For example, to start the numbering at 1000, enter 999 as the last invoice number.

    • If no number is entered, the system defaults this entry to zero so that the first invoice number is 1. This field gets updated as invoices are created.
    • Note: If you enter a number padded with zeros, Time maintains the padding as it increments the invoice numbers. That means if 0006 was the last invoice number used, the next one is 0007. Similarly when a prefix is also used, the padding is maintained between the prefix and the number. Thus YY005 is followed by YY006.

  5. To be able to override the auto-numbering as needed, check " Override automatic number". If left unchecked then the invoice number field in the Billings from WIP dialog is read only and override is not possible.
  6. If you want recurring invoices to use the automatic numbering system, check the "Recurring invoices use same sequence numbering" box. Leaving the check box blank allows a separate numbering pattern to be used when processing recurring invoices.