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Deleting a staff member

Deleting a staff member will permanently remove it from the Time file including all related transactions, relationships between clients, groups, contacts, projects, reports, and documents.

Note: For Time users with Cloud Integration enabled, this operation must be performed in Time. Any changes will reflect on CaseWare Cloud upon the next successful merge. See more.

 With Protection activated, you require the following right in the file

  • Staff: Edit under the Setup: Staff category

If Cloud Integration is enabled,

  • You must be Online to perform this operation. When you are Offline, this operation is disabled.

  • Your account on Cloud must be assigned a role that grants Delete permission on the Staff object.
  1. Access the Staff dialog from the menu Setup | Staff.
  2. Specify the Staff No. or select it using the drop-down list.

  3. Click Delete and then confirm.

After deleting a staff member, their account cannot access the Time file and any assignments to clients are removed as well.

  • You can delete only those staff members that have no transactions in WIP for the year.