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Rules when deleting a staff member

Staff members can only be deleted if the staff member:

  • Does not have WIP transactions (that is, staff member is not assigned as staff, partner, manager or approver of any WIP transactions).

    If the staff member has WIP transactions then you must relieve any outstanding WIP transactions prior to deletion. See here.

  • Is not "Partner" or "Manager" of any client or group.
  • Is not assigned to any client or group
  • Is not "In Charge" or "Team Leader" of any project template, subproject template, client project or client subproject.
  • Is not assigned to any project template or client project.
  • Is not selected as "Partner" or "Manager" of any other staff member
  • Is not assigned to an issue.
  • Is not Partner or Manager in assign area.
  • Is not Partner or Manager of a department.

When you are using protection with Time, consider the following before deleting staff members:

  • If the staff member is an administrator and there are no other users with administrator privileges than you cannot delete that staff member. You are required to have at minimum one user with administrator privileges.
  • If using both protection and Time and Expense Approval, ensure staff members with approval permission and are approvers for any Time and Expense entries are replaced with other staff members prior to deleting them.
  • If the staff member is selected as "Reviewed By" or "Prepared By" in a client or group dialog, you are notified that all references are removed of the deleted staff from the "Reviewed By" or "Prepared By" fields. To proceed with deletion accept the condition or select other staff to these roles prior to deletion.
  • If the staff member is selected as "Reviewed By" or "Prepared By" under document properties, these references are removed after you delete the staff member.

During a year end closure where the option to "Create new file" is selected, staff records marked inactive are purged. That is, the staff member is deleted from the system during roll forward.

For more information on roll forward and year end close, see here.

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