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About Record Layout Files

Record layout files save the layout and mapping selections you make in the import wizard. You can:

  • Create a record layout file at the end of the import
  • Use a record layout file to streamline future imports

In the final screen of the import wizard, you can save your selections to a record layout file. The import wizard creates a file with a special extension (e.g. .FWB) in the location of your choosing. You can save this file in a separate directory from your data folder.

In the welcome screen of the import wizard, you can leverage an existing record layout file. During the import process, the import wizard attempts to apply the same settings from the previous import. Ensure to verify these settings are applicable for any new import file.

For example, if you have multiple import files for the same import component, you can use the record layout file from the original import to streamline the import process for subsequent files.

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