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Rules for importing Contacts

There are two types of contacts in Time: contact people and contact companies. When importing contacts into Time, the following rules and restrictions apply:

  • Each record in the file must contain a contact person:

    • Records that only contain contact companies are not imported.
    • Records that only contain contact people are imported. These contact people are not associated with a contact company.
    • Records that contain both contact people and contact companies are imported. The contact person is created with an association to the contact company.
  • Each contact person record requires, at minimum, a Contact Last Name.

    • Each contact person record that contains a contact company requires, at minimum, a Company Name as well.

Also, ensure to note:

  • Only contact people can be assigned to clients. Contact companies cannot be assigned to clients.
  • Contact people can be associated to only one contact company.
  • Contact companies can have multiple contact people associations.

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