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Time fields required for Import Components

The import file is the ASCII or Excel file that contains your data. Each import file must contain the minimum fields required by Time to import the select components. This topic outlines the fields (column headings) required for each import component.

Note: If you do not import staff numbers, client numbers or group numbers, an automatically incremented number is assigned to these records.

Import component Required fields
Work Codes
  • Work Code Type (Time or Expense)
  • Work Code Number

For a complete list of work code properties, see here.

Note: The Status property cannot be included when importing a list of work codes. All imported codes are automatically Active.

Client / Group list
  • Client Name or Group Name

For a complete list of client properties, see here. For group properties, see here.

Staff list
  • Staff Last Name

For a complete list of staff properties, see here.

  • Contact Last Name

For a complete list of contact properties, see here.

New!Contact Companies
  • Company name

For a complete list of contact company properties, see here.

Receivables Opening Balance
  • Type (Invoice, Payment, Interest, Adjustment or Credit Note)
  • Client Number
WIP Opening Balance
  • Type (Time or Expense)
  • Client Number
  • Quantity
WIP Details
  • Type (Time, Expense or Interim)
  • Client Number
  • Date
  • Staff Number
  • Quantity
  • Rate

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