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The User Profile

The User Profile allows a user to filter the documents available on the Document Manager globally according to criteria chosen by that user.

The filters appear in the User Profile Toolbar for quick reference while working on the file. Documents subject to filtering are color-coded to the type of filter by which they are controlled.


Document Set filters according to who is assigned to the document or by selecting documents on the Document Manager.

Client Filter according to the clients whose information the documents contain.

Staff Filter according to the staff referenced in the documents.

Project Filter according to the projects referenced in the documents.



Date Filter by date range

A "User Profile Toolbar" is available where the profile can be selected.

At the right end of each selector is a button which when clicked will bring up a dialog for the user to select the filter category and applicable range. The filters available depend upon the rights set in the Protection Setup.

  • A check box called "User Profile", is available in the Document Properties dialog to let you select whether the document is used with the User Profile or not. The User Profile filter affects the client reports that have the "User Profile" box checked.
  • Filtering set in the User Profile overrides any filtering set in the Document Properties dialog. As long as the User Profile filter is in effect, the From/To fields in the properties dialog are grayed out.