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Adding a Work Code

You can add firm-specific work codes to your Time file and reference them when entering time and expense. You can then generate reports and documents to track time and expense by work codes.

Note: For Time users with Cloud Integration enabled, this operation can only be performed from Time.

 With Protection activated, you require the following right in the file

  • Work codes under the Setup: Codes category

If Cloud Integration is enabled,

  • You must be Online to perform this operation. When you are Offline, this operation is disabled.

  • Your account on Cloud must be assigned a role that grants Edit permission on the Firm object.
  1. Access the Work Code browse from the menu Setup | Work Codes.
  2. Click the Work tab.
  3. Specify the following required fields:

    • Code Type
    • Bill Type
    • No.

     Note: If Cloud Integration is enabled and you are working Online, then a merge is automatically performed with CaseWare Cloud immediately after this step.

  4. Complete the remaining Work Code fields. >>Quick Reference

    • If you are using work code classifications, ensure to set this up from the Classification tab.
    • The Status field must be set to Active for any new work codes.
    • In the Credit and Debit GL Account columns, type or select the appropriate accounts to use when exporting. When entering time transaction for this work code, the amount of the transaction is automatically posted to the work in process and this general ledger account number.
    • If you are creating an expense work code, in the Expense Rate and Expense Rate Surcharge column, enter the applicable rates for the expense work code as a currency value.

    Tip: Click images\extdesc_shg.gif to enter an extended description for the work code classification.

  5. Close the Work Code browse tab.
  • If extended descriptions are added to work codes, they can be displayed on final invoices. Show me
  • If you are changing rates Time will ask you if you want to recalculate all unbilled transactions. If the rate is retroactive to the beginning of the period, answer yes. To recalculate the rates manually you can also run Tools | Maintenance | Recalculate WIP.

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