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To enter credit notes

  1. On the Process menu, click Credit Notes.
  2. In the Credit No box, enter a number for the credit note (e.g., CN001).
  3. For regular credit notes, make sure the box Create Refund is not selected.
  4. If Application for Payment is enabled, leave the Credit Note using AFP box checked to use AFP or clear the box if the credit note is to be applied normally.
  5. In the Group/Client No box, type or select the client number.
  6. If applicable, select a project and subproject for the credit note.
  7. Enter the date of the credit note.
  8. If applicable, enter a reference for the credit note of up to 7 characters.
  9. In the Billing format box, select the appropriate billing code used in the generation of the credit note.
  10. In the Amount box, enter the amount of the credit note.
  11. Click Post to GL to post the amount of the credit note to the general ledger.
  12. Click Apply C/N to apply the credit note to the applicable invoices.

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