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Completing the Staff List

The staff list is a complete listing of all staff members employed by the firm. Entry of work in process transactions is not permitted unless information is entered in the Staff List. The staff list contains name and address information, and bill, cost, and overtime rates for each staff member. The Cost Rates represent how much on an hourly basis the staff member costs the firm, while the Bill Rates represent how much on an hourly basis the firm can charge clients for work performed by the staff member.

The Cost Rates are most useful for analysis reporting which in Time refers to the Time Analysis and Billing Analysis Reports.

The Bill Rates are representative of how much money the firm is earning from the staff member's work. When a staff member is completing a time sheet, they must specify the client for whom the work was completed, the date, and the appropriate work code, which automatically calculates the amount of the transaction using the bill rates. Time journal, work in process, time analysis, and billing analysis reports all rely on bill rates for calculation purposes.

Finally, the Standard Hours represent the number of hours on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis the staff member is expected to work. This information is used primarily for reporting purposes to calculate the amount of overtime a staff member worked during a given period of time. If this information is not completed, the Time Analysis report displays all time transactions as overtime hours.