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Client Groups

Associated companies can be grouped together by creating a group number and then assigning this group number to the applicable clients.

Once this is done, cash receipts and credit notes may be processed by group, if applicable.

Group reports contain only the specific clients assigned that group number. For example, when accessing a group work in process report, only work in process for the group of clients displays and prints.

Client groups are used to file clients under a parent or umbrella company. Groups represent divisions or subsidiaries of companies; for example, one client may have other companies that operate under one "umbrella" or parent company. This "umbrella" company represents the group to which other subsidiary firms belong. Groups are set up in the same fashion as clients but are then assigned to the appropriate clients in the Client List.

If several clients operate under a group client, it can be useful to print Work in process or Trial Balance reports for all clients under a particular group in order to ascertain the amount of revenue the firm generates from the group as a whole or from each subsidiary company. When generating reports on the Document Manager, you have the option of printing "Group" reports. In addition to grouping client transactions you can also report on activity occurring for the client group.

You can process credit notes, cash receipts and statements for the group or parent company; however because it is usually the subsidiary company that is billed, invoicing is performed by client only.