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Processing by Client Group

You can process credit notes and cash receipts for the group or parent company; however because it is usually the subsidiary company that is billed, invoicing is by client only. Groups cannot relieve work in process that was generated by the subsidiary clients.

Once this is activated, the pop-up lists used to select clients when processing cash receipts, credit notes, statements, account reconciliations, and receipt transfers, include client groups.

Process Features available when processing by group
Cash Receipts When applying a group receipt, all the invoices of the clients for the group appear allowing you to apply the receipt to any of the group's client invoices.
Credit Notes For a group credit note, clicking the Apply C/N button brings up all outstanding invoices of the clients in the group.
Statements The group statement displays group level credit notes and cash receipts and the outstanding transactions belonging to the subsidiary clients.
Account Reconciliation All outstanding receipts and credit notes for the group are available for reconciliation.
Transfer of Receipts The pop-up list includes groups

In addition, when altering the design of a CaseView statement, you can then choose the report at the client or group activity level.

  • Invoices are generated by client only. If client groups are in use, invoices can be viewed and printed in client group order but not processed by group.