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Contact properties and options

The Contacts setup dialog enables you to manage all your contact profiles and their relationships from a single location. Click each tab in this dialog to specify details and options for Contacts and Contact Companies from Time.

For Time users with Cloud Integration enabled, the column Cloud Integrated indicates if the field or option is available from CaseWare Cloud.

General Information


Property Cloud Integrated Description
Last Name Yes

Enter the surname of the person.

  • Click this button to add a contact person to the Contact List.

  • To delete an existing contact, select a contact from the Last Name box and then click Delete. You will be prompted to confirm the delete. When you attempt to delete a contact that is the only contact for a contact company, Time prompts you to either delete the contact and the associated company, or delete only the contact. Select an option and click OK to delete.

Note: You can use * (asterisks), ? (question marks), and " (double-quotation marks) in this field.

Pre Name No

Enter the personal title of the contact person (e.g. Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Ms.). The pre name can be a maximum of 15 characters long.

The Contact Type is optional. Click this button to create a list of the types of contacts, i.e., Lawyer, Insurance Company, Health Provider, etc. The Type codes can be up to ten digits in length and alphanumeric, i.e., LAW for law firm. Click to enter an extended description for the code.

Codes with extended descriptions are denoted by . Once the Contact Type codes are created, press Escape.

Type or select the type of contact. Click the look-up button to access a list of the types of contacts from which to choose.

First Name Yes Enter the first name of the person.
Post Name No Enter the post name of the person (e.g., C.A., Ph.D.).
Title Yes Enter the title or position of the person.
Full Name No This field is automatically generated by the four preceding fields in the following order: Pre Name, First Name, Last Name, Post Name.
Company Yes

Select a company from the drop-down menu to associate the person with a company that already exists in your file, or create a new company to associate with the person. This company can be a Group, Client, or Contact Company.

  • If the person's company does not currently exist in your file, click the Company button and select the type of company you would like to create for your person.
  • If the person's company already exists in your file, select an existing company from the Company drop-down menu.

Note: If associating this contact with a Group or Client, a corresponding relationship is added under the Contacts tab of the Group or Client dialog. The Contact will appear under the list of Selected Contacts.

Email Yes

Enter the email address of the person. Click the Mail button to generate an email to the specified address.

Predicate No Enter the predicate of the person (e.g., Doctor, Professor)
Print N/A Click this button to print the selected person's entire record.