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Inputting the default "attention" wording:

Up to four additional contacts can be entered on the "Attention" tab. The areas for the contacts can be selected from Company Profile e.g., contact on statements, invoices, credit notes, and CaseView documents such as client letters, envelopes or labels. This means that different contacts can be selected for the different types of documents. (The user has the option to select each attention name to be the default contact on various documents.)

  1. Open the Company Profile and select the Client tab.
  2. Enter the default wording that will show in the client and group dialogs e.g., Contact 1, Contact 2, etc.
  3. Once the defaults have been entered, complete the Company Profile "Attention" box found on the Documents, Invoices, Statements and Credit Notes tabs. The appropriate contacts can be selected from the pop-up lists.