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Making clients inactive overview

As an alternative to deleting a client, you can deactivate the client until the year end close.

To make the client inactive, make sure that there aren't any:

  • Outstanding WIP transactions
  • Outstanding accounts receivable transactions

in the client's account. If there are, the WIP transactions and accounts receivable transactions need to be relieved and written off before deactivating the client. This prevents entry of transactions using the client name or number. If Time and Expense Entries Approval is turned on, all the entries must also be approved before trying to make the client inactive.

Note: Time will ignore any transactions with *0* for the amount. If you view a report for the client's outstanding transactions, such transactions are not included.

  • The Trial Balance Reports do not display unapproved time entries and expenses.
  • If you cannot make a client inactive, ensure that all time and expense entries have been approved.

When viewing reports dated after the deactivation date, the client does not appear on the report. When performing the year end close, the client, their client contacts, and any transactions associated with it are excluded from the new year's file.

Recurring invoices set up for the deactivated client are not available for processing after the deactivation date. That means if a client is made inactive as of January 31, then when the period is rolled forward to February, recurring invoices that were set up to go to that client do not appear in the Process Recurring Invoices dialog.

  1. Relieve outstanding WIP
  2. Relieve outstanding accounts receivable information
  3. Approve time and expenses
  4. Make the client inactive
  5. Roll forward to the new year