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CVIDEA Function

The CVIDEA function returns table information from a CaseWare IDEA .imd file. The first parameter is required and determines the function and the number of extra parameters.


  • CVIDEA(0, Source, Flag, *Criteria, *Column heading or number, *Row number)
  • CVIDEA(1, Source, Flag, *Criteria)
  • CVIDEA(2, Source, Flag)
  • CVIDEA(3, Source, Flag, *Column heading or number)

The first parameter (0, 1, 2, 3) represents the Command. Some parameters in the formula (marked with *) are only applicable depending on the Command that is specified. Criteria represents any valid criteria as defined in CaseWare IDEA. For more information, see IDEA Support.


  • If you are passing a Command or column as a number in a cell event, you must enable the Keep Arguments Type option in the cell's Events properties.
  • If you are passing a column number from a cell, you must pass either a numeric cell, or an alphanumeric cell using the MKINT() function. For example, the syntax to pass alphanumeric cell 'C1' would be CVIDEA("heading", MKINT(C1)).



  • 0 or "field"
  • 1 or "rows"
  • 2 or "columns"
  • 3 or "heading"

Source: The IDEA file or Document Number. The full path or relative path to the IDEA file, or the document number if the file is in the Document Manager. How this is interpreted depends on the Flag.


  • 0 - The Source is a path to an IDEA file.
  • 1 - The Source is the document number of the IDEA file in the Document Manager.
Example Description

CVIDEA(0, "C:\IDEA.imd", 0, 'BRANCH="A"', "NAME", 1)

Returns the value of the "NAME" column of the first filtered row. The filtered rows satisfy the criteria BRANCH="A".

CVIDEA("rows", "C:\\IDEA.imd", 0, "BRANCH="A") Returns the number of rows in the table that match the criteria BRANCH="A".
CVIDEA("COLUMNS", "ID", 1) Returns the number of columns in the table from the .imd file with document number "ID" in the Document Manager.

CVIDEA("Heading", "XL", 1, 3)

Returns the heading name of the third column of document "XL".

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